Lions Club of Bridgend

Photographs of our annual Duck Race


These may take a little while to download so please be patient.

duck race sales

Lions club members do some last minute selling of tickets as the crowd wait in anticipation on the bridge before the ducks are launched into the river below.


and they're off

And they're off - all 4,000 dive into the river below


Safe landing

The Ducks all land safely and set off for the finishing line.


The rapids

After negotiating the rapids ........

Ducks on their way

........ the ducks meander their way down the River Ogmore to the finishing line with some clear leaders already out in front.


Collecting the ducks

At the finishing line Lions Club members (out of the water) fish out the ducks ready for next years race, ably assisted by members of the Bridgend ATC (in the water!)

Collecting the Ducks



12 - 14 April 2019 - Book Fair

11 May - Charter Night

19 May - Charity Swim Gala


The Lions Club of Bridgend incorporates The Lions Club of Bridgend Charitable Trust Fund (Charity no: 1143349)


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