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Lions - v- Deaf Club Challenge


The latest indoor sports challenge against Bridgend Deaf Club took place in January 2009 at the premises of Bridgend Deaf Club. This was the third such event and the Deaf Club had won the previous two encounters and this year the Lions Club were determined to do better.

After a welcome address from Lion Simon Dawkes, expertly signed for the Deaf Club by Linda Phillips, (see photo below) the games began.

Lion Simon welcomes all while Linda Phillips signs for the Deaf Club members

The challenge comprised five indoor sports - dominos ...........


........... Pool ...........


........... whist ...........


........... skittles ...........


........... and darts ...........


And the winners were:

Dominos - Deaf Club

Whist - Lions

Pool - Deaf Club

Skittles - Lions

Darts - A Draw

With the overall result a draw, the Deaf Club as trophy holders retained the title and Lion Simon, after thanking the Deaf Club for hosting the challenge and for providing an excellent buffet, presented them with the magnificent trophy:

Trophy presentation



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