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It’s a stark fact. By the time you finish reading this page, one child somewhere in the world will have gone blind. One goes blind every minute. Childhood blindness is only one part of the global vision crisis. If nothing is done, experts say that the world’s blind population could double from 37 million to 74 million by 2020.

But Lions will not allow “nothing to be done.” True to their commitment to be “knights of the
blind,” Lions have launched Campaign SightFirst II to prevent this tragedy. CSFII has set out to raise at least US$150 million to continue and expand the extraordinary work of SightFirst, Lions' worldwide program to combat preventable blindness.

In today’s world 37m people are blind and 124m suffer from low vision. The latest figures suggest that the sight of over 24m people has been saved by a programme of funding eye surgery.

The Lions Club of Bridgend have contributed to this International Project, including donating part of the profits raised from our Tree of Light.




1 & 2 April 2022 - Book Fair


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