The substantial part of funds raised by Bridgend Lions Club goes back to the community by supporting a myriad of local causes, some example of which are set out below.

However, we are proud that as part of Lions Clubs International, the world’s largest volunteer service club, we are also able to support specific international projects designed to improve the lives and relieve the suffering of millions worldwide.

Since the club was formed in 1975 over £300,000 has been donated for various good causes, with most of the funds raised being spent in the Bridgend area. The photographs below show some of the formal presentations.

Where do you distribute funds?

Priority is placed on supporting the needy or deserving causes within the Bridgend area. However, funds are also donated to local and national charities with some funds allocated to Lions International causes as approved by Club members. All requests or applications are considered on a case by case basis.

2022/23 Donations

2022/23 Donations have been made to:

Donations are also sometimes made to deserving individuals, which for reasons of privacy of the recipient we do not publicise.

How do you distribute funds?

Funds are awarded to worthy causes by a consensus of Bridgend Lions members. All requests for donations are thoroughly investigated by the community services committee of the club before being presented to the club for a decision. The Welfare Committee meet monthly and make their recommendations and present these at the next Business meeting . Club Members are asked to vote and if carried, the agreed sum is allocated to the worthy cause.


The photographs below show some of the formal presentations.